Robbie Hilado

Interaction Designer · Front-end Developer · Calligraphy Enthusiast

I am an Interaction Designer and Front-end Developer with more than 5 years commercial experience working with clients through digital media companies as well as freelance work.

I come from a background of Design and Arts but have always loved development and implementation. It is this combination that I believe sets me apart from a lot of other designers or developers that stay clear of the other side of the coin. My experience in both design and development have greatly impacted how I see, interact, implement and improve my work and projects I'm working on at both ends of the spectrum.

Core Strengths

Interaction Design

Front End Development

User Experience Design

Calligraphy & Lettering

Sprint Facilitation (Sprint 2.0)




VS Code / Sublime Text

Sketch / Figma

Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop

Adobe Lightroom

MacOS / Windows

Design Sprint 2.0

Lightning Decision Jam


Good ol' Pen & Paper

Various Art Materials



React (CRA / Gatsby)


Curious About

Advanced CSS and SVG Animation

Motion Design

Typography & Font Development



Best of Both Worlds

I was fortunate enough to have been exposed and trained for both design and development. I've utilised these skills to help create functional, pleasing and visually appealing websites and applications. Knowing the ups and downs of both sides also make it a more efficient process of figuring what works and what doesn't for our current goal at hand.

Iterative and Human-Centered Approach

Ever since being exposed to research, design sprints and design thinking, I've absorbed much of their processes and have incorporated it into my current methodology as well. I find that iteration and testing is the cornerstone of delivering a well-rounded product or project.

Involved & Feedback Driven

This philosophy of design has greatly improved how I go about helping clients achieve their goals. I get quite picky with my clientelle as I prefer to have an open and immersive feedback channel when working on projects. I firmly believe that if the client can openly communicate their ideas and are open to suggestions and improvements to their proposals, there's no other way for the project to go but up.

Sounds Like a Fit for Your Team or Project?

If you’re curious as to how I work and would like collaborate, pitch a project, know more about my process working with clients, or even just grab a coffee somewhere; please feel free to drop me an e-mail at robbie.hilado@gmail.com.

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